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Walnut Shell Blasting Granules
The main purpose of blasting Granules to clean furnase & delicated industrial equipment & etc...
Aloe Vera Leaves
The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with some varieties showing white flecks on their upper and lower stem surfaces. The margin of the leaf is serrated and has small white teeth.
walnut shell powder
Physical State Brownish Specific Gravity 1.25-1.30 PH 4-6 Moisture Content <10%
Walnut Shell Powder Fine
As a natural remedy walnut powder can be used as a hair pack. It helps to remove dandruff and makes the hairs silky, strong, and shiny. Most of the ladies use its powder for quick hair growth and they also get results. Additionally, this powder can be used as a face pack which directly affects the face skin. It improves the smoothness of the face as well as to remove tanning from the face. Resulting in this, the skin becomes healthier and looks fresher. There are so many benefits of quality walnut shells but you should have a good quality product. Because without the quality product you will never get the real benefits of nature. We are the best walnut shell suppliers in India because we provide the real natural made shells. There is a process which we use to separate walnuts and their shells to use them in different ways. As a walnut shell powder exporter in India, we came to the platform online platform to aware our Indian community about the quality and uses of good walnut shells. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who know our productâ€Ã‚™s quality. Customers satisfaction is our priority and also, it is our identity. As a walnut shell powder exporter in India, we have established our strong roots in this industry because of our offline as well as online goodwill. And, still, we are growing day-by-day. That's why we are the best walnut shell powder suppliers in India.
Grape Seeds
Grape Seeds are mainly used for Your Heart Health, Skin and Brain. Mainly it is natural, organic, no added chemicals/ preservatives. You can just eat it without any consultation because it is complete natural product.

About Us

Noyer Overseas India Pvt. Ltd.
started its business recently in 2018 and we are working passionately towards providing the best of the products. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of products such as Walnut Shell, Walnut Shell Powder, Grape Seeds etc. We aim to provide world-class products by continuously improving our quality using all the latest technologies. We have been providing our services, both domestically and internationally, for providing raw materials for animals and with this, we are planning the same for other categories in the future. We are focused to serve our customers with the products that are best for them.

Our Mission

With the help of highly dedicated and experienced employees, we are motivated and live with a mission to provide the best quality products to our customers which are domestically very rare in Indian market. This will help us establish strong long-term relations with both domestic and international customers.

Our Vision

As we recently debuted in the business therefore, we want to expand more by increasing our productivity and product range which includes Walnut Shell, Walnut Shell Powder, Grape Seeds etc. With this vision, we will be able to provide quality to our customers all across the world. Also we will acquire trust, assurance and support of our clients with utmost services. We are working very hard to match up with the latest innovations of the market.

Client Satisfaction

We are a customer-centric company and to grow at the fastest pace, we ensure our clients get the ultimate satisfaction with our range of products. The quality aspect is one of the features which need to be best to gain clients' trust and confidence. We ensure quality is maintained and some of the features which help us to do so are:

  • Our customer service helpline is varied with experts which are present 24*7 to address any queries of the customers which leads to dependency.
  • Our commitment to maintain quality standards is possible due to stringent quality assurance check-ups.
  • We are well aware of the growing challenges in the market and therefore, work on specifications provided by our clients.
  • We have included some anticipatory services in our business to eliminate problems even before they occur.

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